"What is troubling you little one?

You can be happy only when you decide to be happy. Only then you can release all the unhappiness. The unhappy emotion cannot stay when you choose happiness and happy thoughts.

Keep saying to yourself, "I choose to let go all the pain.
I choose to let go all unhappiness.
I choose to let go all frustrations.
I willingly surrender all negative emotions.
I choose to forgive myself.
I choose to love myself.

When unhappy thoughts come back, be alert. Purposely do things that will make you happy.

Soon you will find that you are happier. It is not that the world has changed. It is you that have changed."

And I cried...when my so called GM say that to me.

"Ma'am..how I wish you could understand the whole story and the heartache. I do have changed ma'am...very much changed. I'm trying to get myself back on track now...to be happy and to live life to the fullest even when I knw the pain's still there. Its hard and hurt. But do I have a choice? No!

And to let go off the pain...is the hardest thing for me now.

Thanks anyway for your thoughts ma'am...really appreciate it."
Posted by delacroix


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